What is PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA?

prime video 888-802-3080 wa

Did you see a charge from PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA? Find out what PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA charge is on your credit card or on your bank statement. Or tell us your story about the charge.

PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA Also Showing Up As

  • PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • AMZN DIGITAL 888-802-3 888-802-3
  • POS PURCH PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • POS PUR PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • POS REFUND PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • POS Debit PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • Visa Check Card PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • PENDING PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • Misc. Debit PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • PRE-AUTH PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA
  • CHKCARD PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA

What Users Are Saying About This Charge

  • Bryanna June 02, 2022

    A charge of $5.49 was charged to my bank acoountby Amazon. I didn’t make this purchase. It was paid to Prime Video Seattle 888-802-3080 WA.

  • Camden May 23, 2022

    I don’t know if this is the case for everyone but 888-802-3080 is a phone number associated with a scam organization posing as Amazon.

  • Bella May 10, 2022

    This is a scam! I do not have an Amazon Prime account but they charged my card for $9.99!

  • Carlos May 05, 2022

    Not a scam. It is a subscription for Prime Video Channel via Amazon. It looks like a scam since it doesn’t appear in your Amazon purchases.

  • Joaquin February 17, 2022

    No need to panic everyone, this is a Prime Video Channel charge from Amazon, for your subscriptions. Mine was for HBO. I had to search through my documents to remember where this charge was from. To check it out for yourself, go to your Amazon account, go to "Your Memberships and Subscriptions" then click "Payment History", there you will see the exact charge that appeared on your credit card. If it wasn’t you who made the charge, then someone else might be using your card, however the PRIME-VIDEO charges are legit.

  • Abdullah February 16, 2022

    A charge of $5.29 was charged to my bank account by Amazon but I didn’t order this item.

  • Cristian February 15, 2022

    Had this charge on my credit card and called the number they have provided. They told me it was a kindle book I purchased. They told me they are having a problem with their billing names and they are aware of the issue. Charges are legit, just the charge names are weird.

  • Riley February 15, 2022

    888-802-3080 is associated with a large scam operation in India, they claim they are Amazon. Do not call this number or provide them any valuable information, they will use anything to scam people. If you see this charge on your credit card, please contact your bank immediately and take necessary steps. Cancel your card, file in a fraud complaint.

  • Emmalee February 14, 2022

    I had a $6 charge on my account for prime video but I did not rent anything. Chase said it was fraud.

  • Silas February 09, 2022

    I haD some charges with this number 888-802-3080. I was able to trace the dates back to purchasing a season of two different shows, coincidently the same price and around the same time of two consecutive months.

  • Enrique February 07, 2022

    I was charged $4.29 from PRIME-VIDEO- 1 888 802 3080, the charge says it was made to Prime Video Seattle WA. I did not authorize this charge, I don’t use Prime. 4 dollars can be a small price but it’s still a fraud!

  • Daniella January 23, 2022

    I got charged from this number 888-802-3080. I traced the dates back to buying a season of two separate shows at the same time and for the same price two months in a row. The transactions on the Amazon card (Chase) accounts are listed by monthly statement date, making it appear as if the payments were made on the same day every month until I searched for the real purchase dates.

  • Dominique January 10, 2022

    This is legit but annoying. I had a charge listed from Prime Video*210L82GQ2 888-802-3080 WA. I tracked down the number after some googling and found it was on Amazon>Account>Memberships & Subscriptions. Noticed it was for a Starz subscription, they manage to hide it well.

  • Katherine December 28, 2021

    DO NOT CALL THE 888 802 3080 NUMBER! It is a scam! Contact your bank immediately since your debit card is most probably hacked.

  • Bruce December 23, 2021

    When I called the Amazon Customer Service for this issue, I was advised that this number was linked to the price for the Apple Watch warranty.... Strange, because, while the warranty shows as a digital transaction, the watch shows otherwise.

  • Izayah December 16, 2021

    888 802 3080 phone number is involved with a huge international fraud operation in India, they are acting as Amazon. Do not call this number or provide them information. If you see any transactions on your debit card or credit card from this phone number, contact your bank immediately and report it as a fraud.

  • Zayne December 08, 2021

    This was a $5.44 charge for Prime Video. It is legit, according to a quick investigation I made. We watch Top Gear on the Motortrend channel, and this was the first charge for it. Phew!

  • Georgia December 01, 2021

    This wasn’t a scam. It’s a "Prime Video Channel" subscription through Amazon, could be HBO. Feels like scam because it doesn’t show up first. To find the details you have to go to "Your Memberships and Subscriptions" and then click on "Payment History.". I found this after panicking and calling my bank to cancel the card. Well, better than testing if it was a scam.

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