What is AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS?

audible 888-283-5051 njus

Did you see a charge from AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS? Find out what AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS charge is on your credit card or on your bank statement. Or tell us your story about the charge.

AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS Also Showing Up As

  • AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • AUDIBLE-888-283-5051-NJ
  • AUDIBLE-1-888-283-5051-NJ
  • AUDIBLE US 888-283-5051 NJ
  • AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJ 00000000 090437
  • AUDIBLE-888-283-5051
  • AUDIABLE 888-283-5051 NJ
  • 888-283-5051
  • AUDIBLE US 888-283-50
  • PENDING AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • CHKCARD AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • PRE-AUTH AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • POS PURCH AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • POS PUR AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • POS REFUND AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • Visa Check Card AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • Misc. Debit AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS
  • POS Debit AUDIBLE 888-283-5051 NJUS

What Users Are Saying About This Charge

  • Ariel December 21, 2021

    I noticed a charge on my credit card from "Audible". I called the number they provided on the bank statement, and it got cancelled, very weird.

  • Allen December 10, 2021

    This Audible 888 283- 051NJUS charge from Amazon appeared on my wife's and my credit card for $16.00 per month. We don' buy anything from this service, we don' even read/listen to books online. After a few months, it showed on another card, and then on our daughter's account, which we asked and she was also unaware!!! Something surely isn' right here. I think they are making money from those people who don' read their statements carefully line by line. Please inform the people around you of the importance of reading the agreements! Best wishes!

  • Dwayne November 15, 2021

    It wasn' a scam but you have to read the agreement carefully. My husband downloaded an audiobook from Amazon but he didn' read the agreement carefully, turns out after downloading the audiobook it started a free trial. We failed to cancel the service on time so they charged us after the trial ended.

  • Yasmine November 02, 2021

    Watch out for this scam with the number 888 283 50 51! I just used their website to browse books, next thing I know they charged me on my card. Very sneaky! I had to call them to refund me and cancel the charges.

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