What is AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990-FL?


Did you see a charge from AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990-FL? Find out what AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990-FL charge is on your credit card or on your bank statement. Or tell us your story about the charge.

AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990-FL Also Showing Up As

  • AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990-FL
  • AGI*RENTERS/CONDO INS 800-370-1990 FL
  • AGI*RENTERS/CONDO INS /800-370-1990
  • AGI-LIABILITYINSU-800-370-1990
  • Visa Check Card AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990-FL
  • Misc. Debit AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990-FL
  • POS Debit AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990-FL

What Users Are Saying About This Charge

  • Calvin January 25, 2022

    Noticed a charge on my credit card from this company, it appeared on my CC as AGI-RENTERS-CONDO-INS-800-370-1990, I never authorized andhave no idea how they got my card details. I had to cancel and wait for a new card after this. So annoying for something I haven’t authorized.

  • Keyon January 23, 2022

    They charged me from AGI Renters now I need to change my payment method.

  • Rose January 15, 2022

    I’m amazed at the number of folks on here who believe AIG is "hacking their credit card" or who assume fraud without even doing the most basic inquiry. AIG is a Geico business partner. Any connected expenses for renters insurance purchased through will appear on your statement as "AGI*RENTERS/CONDO" or something similar. Additionally, unless you specifically instruct it not to, your renters insurance will AUTOMATICALLY RENEW.

  • Curtis January 05, 2022

    Absolutely fraud! AGI charged me randomly for 250$. I was in the middle of my current lease. My renters insurance is covered through my rental payment with my landlord, I didn’t buy a renters insurance from AGI . My bank said this was a recurring charge with no other charges. I got refunded immediately and got a new card. These guys need to be arrested. ABOSLUTE FRAUD!

  • Fisher December 28, 2021

    I own a house and I have a homeowner’s insurance but I don’t have any renter’s or condo insurance Also my insurance is not through Geico or AGI. I do not have anything to do with this charge. Thankfully Discover agreed to return my charges and get me a new card.

  • Kaylyn December 26, 2021

    I'm amazed by the number of folks who believe AIG is "hacking their credit card". Just do some basic research. Geico's business associate is AIG. If you purchase renters insurance via, any associated costs will display on your bill as "AGI*RENTERS/CONDO" or something similar like AGI RENTERS CONDO. Also the service will automatically renew every year if you don' stop it manually.

  • Selena December 22, 2021

    It is the renters insurance payment by AGI RENTERS CONDO INS.

  • Trevon December 21, 2021

    This charge is for Assurant Renters Insurance they are an affiliate of Geico. The payment appears as AGI*RENTERS/CONDO INS 800 370 1990.

  • Stephen December 19, 2021

    Jus found m credit card has being charged fo months now to AGI renters insurance and I can not find who they are, i want to stop this payment and get my mone back.

  • Kasey December 17, 2021

    Jus found my credit card has been charged for months to someon called agi renters condo. I cant find who made this payment to contact them and recieve my payment back.

  • Omar December 17, 2021

    I don' work with this company for insurance. After I called my bank they gave me a refund but had to wait for a new card unfortunately. IT'S FRAUD!

  • Koen December 14, 2021

    Just the homeowners/renters insurance umbrella of GEICO INSURANCE CO.

  • Nora December 10, 2021

    No idea who this AGI RENTERS CONDO is. They took $75.00 out of my bank account, I saw in the bank statement. Im gonna make a fraud claim this morning.

  • Carson December 10, 2021

    I got charged from this company called AGI Renters. Firstly, have renters insurance through AllState not AGI or whatever. I had to cancel my card because of this charge. This was upsetting, I will report the case to my bank and to my lawyer. I will take them down!

  • Madison December 07, 2021

    I am a homeowner and I do have a homeowner’s insurance, but I don’t have no renter’s or condo insurance, also my insurance isn’t from Geico or AGI. At least Discover agreed to pay me back the fraudulent charges and get me a new card.

  • Tristan December 07, 2021

    I was charged from them for 150$ and it was listed as "recurring" charge somehow! Never even heard of this company before in my life and my bank PNC disputed the charge immediately.

  • Phoenix December 05, 2021

    Let me explain. AGI is a business affiliate of GEICO. If you sign up for renter insurance via this charge will appear on your bank statement as AGI*RENTERS/CONDO INS.

  • Skyler December 01, 2021

    I had a charge on my debit card from AGI RENTERS CONDO INS. I don' know how this company have my card info. I paid for something I didn' do!

  • Jaylene November 22, 2021

    AGI RENTERS CONDO INSURANCE is a homeowner or renter insurance company of GEICO INSURANCE CO.

  • Melissa November 20, 2021

    I own a home and have homeowner's insurance, but no renter's or condo insurance, and my insurance is not provided by Geico or AGI (Alliance Global Group, based in the Philippines). Fortunately, Discover agreed to reimburse me for the fraudulent charges made by this AGI RENTERS CONDO and replace my credit card.

  • Alisha November 15, 2021

    Yes I have a homeowner's insurance yet, it isn' through Geico or Agi. I had to renew my card because of these fraudulent charges.

  • Nathanial November 10, 2021

    This is legit, it is the insurance umbrella for homeowners/renters of GEICO INSURANCE CO.

  • Nylah November 09, 2021

    I have no clue why I see charge fron AGI RENTERS CONDO INSURANCE on my bank statement. They stole my money! I am gonna report them tomorrow.

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